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Institute for Research and Policy Integration in Africa (IRPIA)

We are a pan-African think tank serving as a hub for the fusion of evidence-based research with pressing public policy issues

IRPIA’s core objectives

At IRPIA, our core values define who we are and guide our work

IRPIA’s mission is premised on the understanding that public policies on issues such as security and peace, environmental sustainability, public health, education, migration, governance, just to name a few, need to be based on evidence-based knowledge which often comes out cutting edge academic research.

Promote African knowledge

promote African knowledge production with a special emphasize on evidence-based research and its policy use, especially in the areas of security and peacebuilding, environmental sustainability and resilience, and education and public health.


disseminate evidence-based research findings in ways that are useful for policy makers and practitioners

Be a hub

be a hub for researchers/scholars, policy experts, trainers, and international students interested in African issues


support the integration of academic evidence-based research and policy issues in Africa

Be a resource

be a resource for policy makers and practitioners in government, international organizations, and civil society

Unraveling IRPIA's Specialized Research Focus with Expert Insights

Exploring Key Realms: Our focus on three crucial areas

  • Security and Peacebuilding
  • Environmental Sustainability and Resilience
  • Education and Public Health.

Our Events

Join us at groundbreaking events hosted by our research organization.

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